The New Disney Savings Account


Time is $. And Vacation $ are nonexistent for many families each year. Unfortunately, vacations get pushed aside because we need to invest in the new roof or heat pump for the home. Or a child is getting ready to leave for college or braces loom in the near future.
With that in mind Disney wants to help you budget those dollars to one of their many vacations. So they have created a website and account Disney Savings Club this is Disney’s version of a “Christmas Club” Savings Account.

As a Disney Travel Agent I receive many phone calls and emails from families that are planning future vacations. And typically one of the 1st questions is “How much will this cost?” The problem we run into many times is the prices we have are for one calendar year only (For example 2014). Due to the economy and the cost of vacations I have found many families planning for trips 2 and 3 years away. So we can only go on best estimates for 2015 and 2016. More and more families are preparing and saving for future vacations. And this type of account “ear-marks” (excuse the pun) for later use.
Disney breaks the process into four very easy steps for the consumer.

Estimate a Budget
In this step you pick your Disney Destination. Whether it is Walt Disney World, a Disney Cruise, Adventures by Disney or Disneyland, you can start to look at costs. Prices will go up for the future, so that must be taken into account. And the plan has a 3 year time frame.

This is just estimate! You are not actually booking your vacation in this step. You are attempting to get an idea of the cost of your future vacation. Is this something we can really save for? Can we make this happen? Or how can we make this happen?
Create a Plan
In this step you will decide the goal and how you will achieve it. When are we going on vacation? How often will we be able to pay into this account? From checking/savings etc.? This can be updated and maintained at any time.
Track your Progress
Throughout your savings process you will be able to update and manage your account. At times you may be able to save more. Other times less. In this area you will be able to track your goals. If you need to pull the $ you will be able to do so as well.

Book your Vacation!
You can book your vacation online or via phone (with your favorite travel agent). All Adventures by Disney must be booked via phone. Also for every $1000 you spend on qualified vacation purchases in your Disney Vacation Account prior to 12/31/2015 your will receive a $20.00 Disney Gift Card. (Of course there are some stipulations on this gift).

If I was going to set up an account like this for my vacation my main question would be can I get my money back? According to Disney you may obtain a full refund at any time. You may also request partial refunds (limited to 10). If you do book a Vacation this way through Disney, it will still go through the same cancellation and stipulations that any other Disney Vacation Package goes through. What do I mean? For any Disney World Vacation in 2014 you need $200.00 to reserve your vacation. That is refundable up until 45 days prior to your trip. The remaining balance is due at that time. If you cancel less than 45 days prior to your trip you will not receive your full balance.

Would I do this with my $?  Personally, for my family  the answer is no.  Not this year.  We possibly would do this for our first Adventure by Disney due to cost and the planning that goes into that type of trip.   Throughout every year we attempt to put $ away for a family vacation.  And some years we can do more with Disney other years less.  And we feel very fortunate that we are able to do that for our children.  My husband and I work very hard.  We both have worked very hard since we were teenagers.   We forgo other things in life, because we make vacation a priority for our children and ourselves to reconnect every year.  We chose the Disney Vacations because that is tradition for our family.   This is just an option to help families that may be looking at Disney for the first time, or need some extra help in the planning process.

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