How to Prep for a Walt Disney World Trip?

101_0084Are you planning a Disney trip?.  Is it your 50th trip?  Your 5th trip?  Or better yet your 1st trip?  Or is it my true favorite, that 2nd trip? (When you think you know EVERYTHING! ) How do you get ready for a trip to “The Most Magical Place on Earth!”.  What if you have never been?  The details are so overwhelming!  Packing, arranging care for animals, cleaning your home, notes to schools, approvals from schools, homework for children, getting the time off from work, having your back-up ready for work.  All the 1000 of personal details that go into leaving for any vacation in general.  Then the actual planning of your Walt Disney World Trip!  You need a vacation from your vacation!

But how do you prep for a Walt Disney World Vacation?  You are the trip planner!  So how do you get the remainder of crew “pixie dusted” for your vacation?


#1. Some clients create “Walt Disney World Dollars” in which their children earn the money prior to the trip as anticipated spending money on vacation.  *Remember you are entering into a marketing juggernaut, that only few get out with spending the bare minimum.

Disney Countdown Calendar Blocks {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}

#2. I have seen a multitude of “manual” countdown calendars over the years.  In my office I have a countdown made of blocks for my children.  I have seen parents take the paint sample cards (with Mickey Heads on them) and develop huge countdowns.  I have seen countdown chains.  I have seen countdown magnets.    And of course there is the electronic countdowns as well.  There are apps for your countdown to your Walt Disney World Vacation!


#3. Do your children know what to expect?  While we are at it do you know what to expect?  Did you order for FREE the Walt Disney World Planning Video.  Have you rented any of the multitude of videos on the Disney Parks.  If you are not Disney Fans yourself, have you at least introduced your children to the Disney Movies and Characters.  I have many clients that go through intense Disney Movie watching for months.  To ensure their children know who the princesses are when they arrive at the parks.  Do you know why they created “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” for Disney Junior?  Disney found that many children arriving in the parks had no clue who the “Fab 5 Disney Characters” where or are at Walt Disney World.  Many children had never really seen Mickey or Minnie.  “Hence the creation of “Hot Dog!”.  (Cmon I know you know the dance).


#4. Did you or Do you diet for Disney?  Due to the intense amount of time on your feet and walking required to maneuver Walt Disney World, many train for months.  I am being serious!  You do not know how often I receive information in regards to “dieting for Disney.”  Remember those pictures last forever!  I have pictures at every single stage of my life at Walt Disney World.  And many are not very flattering.  So if you are one of those that need to look your best and walking / healthy regime prior to your visit may help!  I know since I lost weight I feel far better in the parks, and have more stamina!

#5. Do you have a plan for your trip? Is everyone on the same page in regards to your vacation.  Who is the trip really for?  Mom?  Dad?  Kids?  Grandma?  Grandpa?  Have you decided what you will do each day.  Or are you the “truly wing it!” family.

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